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... it's a movie review of | IRON MAN 2

Saw Iron Man 2 with a friend. Thought everything about it was awesome, except Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson's hair.

And I don't know what they did with Scarlett's hair, but it looked really fake with the tight curls, I didn't like it. Scarlett's got beautiful hair, don't ruin it, guys.

But other than that, the movie was great---it was a really enjoyable action, popcorn flick just like the first movie, and I liked that they explored a bit more about the history of the company and PEPPER!!! She's so amazing, Gwyneth Paltrow never ceases to amaze me. I love how she sticks to being Pepper, Tony's frazzled and stressed assistant, even while running his company. The way she was freaking out in the car with Happy at the race track had me LOL'ing and I really loved that they made Hogan's role bigger in this movie because I so blatantly ship Pepper/Happy that it's not even funny. I mean, yeah, Tony and Pepper are cute but I just don't see them lasting. Tony's just not that type of person and Pepper's definitely not the type to settle with someone like Tony. I really love their friendship though and how Pepper worries about him.

AND THE TECHNOLOGY. Oh, man! All that tech is SO, SO COOL. The globe-atom building sequences, I was like, *ggaaaaassspppp*** Oooommmmgggg. I miss Jarvis though. I feel like Jarvis got dumbed down for the other characters to have screentime, because Jarvis is definitely a contender when it comes to top Iron Man characters. And it's Paul Bettany so, you know. That's an automatic win against... like, everything.

LOL. S.H.I.E.L.D. is completely badass. I love them a lot. Especially Agent Coulson. I want to marry him, seriously.

The previews had this movie called Inception. I'm gonna go see that. :)
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