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... this is a harry potter survey | BECAUSE I'M BORED

I actually found this on Tumblr, and found that it was obnoxiously long, so I'm transferring it over here because at least here I can do a lj-cut so I don't annoy the shit out of my followers/friends/people who stalk me.


List the books in order from your favorite to your least favorite.

1. Half-Blood Prince
2. Deathly Hallows
3. Chamber of Secrets
4. Goblet of Fire
5. Sorcerer's Stone
6. Prisoner of Azkaban
7. Order of the Phoenix

List the movies in order from your favorite to your least favorite.

1. Half-Blood Prince
2. Order of the Phoenix
3. Chamber of Secrets
4. Sorcerer's Stone
5. Prisoner of Azkaban
6. Goblet of Fire

Top 5 favorite characters?

1. Nymphadora Tonks
2. Luna Lovegood
3. Remus Lupin
4. Ron Weasley
5. The Weasley Twins (they're the same entity, let's face it)

Five least favorite characters?

1. Dolores Umbridge
2. Cho Chang
3. Lucius Malfoy
4. Gilderoy Lockhart
5. Ginny Weasley

Three favorite spells?

1. Lumos (listen, it's really handy)
2. I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To Good (it might as well be a spell)
3. Wingardium Leviosa (I'd never have to get up for anything!)

Three favorite potions?

1. Felix Felicis
2. Veritaserum
3. Draught of Living Death (I faint at the sight of blood, so really, it's the same idea)

Favourite member of the Golden Trio?

Ronald Weasley, he's hilarious. ;D

Favourite family?

The Tonks (because I'm so, so biased from fanfiction)

Favourite antagonist?

Voldemort (from A Very Potter Musical)
Voldemort (from the movies, Ralph Fiennes, omg)
Dolores Umbridge (from the books)

Favourite death eater?

Regulus Black (dude was honorable okay? that's brownie points)

Favourite chapter from your favorite book?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Chapter 29: The Phoenix Lament
(Not because of Dumbledore's death, but because Remus/Tonks was confirmed)

Favourite non-Hogwarts magical building?
The Ministry of Magic

Favourite Diagon Alley shop?
Weasley's Wizard Wheezes (duh!)

Favourite Hogsmeade shop?
Zonko's Joke Shop

Favourite Unforgivable Curse?
Imperius Curse

Favourite mode of wizard transportation?
To be cool, I would say by broom, but since I'm a wimp, I'm gonna say apparating.

Favourite Weasley?
The Twiiinnns

Favourite Order member?
Nymphadora Tonks

Favourite DA member?
Luna Lovegood

Favourite pet?

Favourite Hogwarts room?
Gryffindor Common Room

Favourite Hogwarts professor?
Professor Remus Lupin

Favourite non-human Hogwarts resident?

Favourite Tri-Wizard champion?
Viktor Krum

Favourite house elf?
None. Seriously. I was mostly unimpressed. Okay, I'll say Dobby because of Deathly Hallows.

Favourite wizard sweet?
Chocolate frogs.

Favourite couple?

Favourite friendship?
Tonks and Mad-Eye Moody
Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter

Biggest surprise of the series?
Remus/Tonks (and boy was I happy as hell)

Biggest letdown of the series?
Tonks and Remus dying. DDDD:

One character you wish lived?

Moment that will always make you cry?
Dumbledore's death in the Half-Blood Prince MOVIE (not the book) OR Remus/Tonks's death in DH, 'cuz I feel like I would bawl.

Your patronus would be a ______?
A penguin. It is ferocious.

Three things Amortentia would smell like to you?
... Oh shit. Well, coffee. Coffee. And, um, coffee.

You would use Felix Felicis to ______?
Go to the Harry Potter theme park in Florida, OMG.

Ron/Hermione or Harry/Hermione?
Please, I'm not even gonna answer this.

... (Ron/Hermione - but only in the HBP movie)

James/Lily or Snape/Lily?
James/Lily (mostly I don't care for Marauder shipping)

Do you think Harry Potter is better than Twilight?
... I can't even. Why is this question in here, this is Harry Potter, not Twilight.
Do you see me doing a Twilight meme? No.

Are you going to go see the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 in theaters?
LOL. No, I'm gonna wait for it to be on DVD. [rolls eyes]

Do you own the books/movies?
All the books (including the companion books: ie. quidditch through the ages, beedle the bard, etc) and only the first three movies.

Have you ever played any of the video games?
I played a trial version. I sucked.

Don’t they kind of suck?
Um, Idk. I just thought I sucked.

Do you think it would be cool to have a pet owl?
Frick yeah, but I'm gonna have to ask it to poo somewhere else.

How about a rat?
Not really.

Have you ever listened to the soundtrack?
The Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack mostly.

Which house would you want to be in?
Ravenclaw, bitches. Circles have no end.

Do you like Draco?
Yes, especially in Half-Blood Prince when he had balls. I mean, scared shitless balls, but balls nonetheless.

Would you ever enter the Tri-Wizard Tournament?
LOL, no. I am not that in want of glory, 'cuz... no. LOL

Would you keep your money in Gringotts?
Those Goblins are super protective, so, um, yes.

What class would be your favourite?

Do you think you would enjoy being a witch/wizard?
Mostly for the wand-waving.

Favourite movie set?
Gryffindor Common Room

Favourite movie scene?
The scene in Half-Blood Prince where Harry's with the Weasleys for the holidays and Remus and Tonks were obviously giving each other, "Let's go make out" signals.

Favourite scene in the movies not included in the books?
Attack on the Burrow, it was intense and poignant and Tonks called Remus sweetheart. Yes, I am bias as hell.

Scene you were most disappointed didn’t make it into the movie?
'But I don't care either, I don't care!' said Tonks, seizing the front of Lupin's robes and shaking them. 'I've told you a million times...'
'And I've told you a million times,' said Lupin, refusing to meet her eyes, staring at the floor, 'that I am too old for you, too poor...too dangerous...'


Death Eaters or Dumbledore’s Army?
Dumbledore’s Army!

Fred or George?
Excuse me?

The Ministry of Magic or Gringotts?

Sirius or Lupin?

Occlumency or Legilimency?
Legilimency is cooler.

Animagus or metamorphagus?
Metamorphmagus - you don't have to worry about being naked all the time.

Mermish or Parselmouth?
Parselmouth - less screeching.

Draco or Lucius?
Lucius, Draco hasn't grown into his balls very much.

Peter Pettigrew or Mundungus Fletcher?
Mundungus Fletcher

Whomping Willow or flying Ford Anglia?
Whomping Willow, are you kidding? The Whomping Willow fucked the Ford Anglia up.

Invisibility cloak or Pensieve?
I don't need a Pensieve. Invisibility Cloak.

Grimmauld Place or the Burrow?
Grimmauld Place -- but you know, spruced up. I just like how it's located.

Werewolf or Inferi?
Werewolf - more specifically Remus.

Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures?
Care of Magical Creatures

Professor Binns or Professor Umbridge?
LOL wut?

Peeves or Nearly Headless Nick?

Hippogriff or Thestrals?
I probably couldn't see Thestrals so, hippogriff.

Durmstrang or Beauxbatons?
Durmstrang. ;DDD I don't wanna be with frilly little French girls okay? I'd rather have me some beefy manly men.

Portkey or Apparation?
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