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... livejournal security | FRIENDS ONLY

I decided a while ago that I would make my journal completely Friends Only.
For security reasons and so that I can be more open (not too open), but more so.
As it is, this journal is now Friends Only.
For those who aren't aware, please comment in this LJ post so I can add you as a friend.
Thank you.
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Robb x Gwen Master Archive [ Part 1 / 6 ]

So believe it or not, on Tumblr, thenameismaynard posted this graphic of Robb/Gwen and I was like ?!?!?!?! YAAAAAASSSSS. I immediately jumped on the ship, started making graphics and manip gifs and it was glorious because it's a crackship and nothing can ruin it, right?


Game of Thrones got terrible and Robb got terrible and my motivation died a lot. Do I still love them and reminisce? Totally. Which is why I wanted to compile a masterlist so I can easily spiral down memory lane. (Because Gwen is still perfect and she deserves good things.) Without further ado...

[direct tumblr link | orig. posted Sept 2011]

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Cosplay Attempt: Casual Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn

So for Halloween this year I decided to be casual Tomoe Hotaru from Sailor Moon -- but for some reason I just couldn't be just casual Hotaru, I also needed Saturn's glaive. I mean, otherwise I'd just be a girl wearing all black and that's not very interesting.

Behind the cut is what I eventually looked like and the process I went through to make Sailor Saturn's Glaive from pvc piping, cardboard, insulation foam, masking tape, gems, and spray paint.
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I love how January of 2012 I posted that I was going to try and get back into livejournal.

And then proceed to not post anything for 2 years.

O O P S.

Sorry, it's mostly because I don't produce anything remotely relevant for Livejournal so I'm just a complete failure. I haunt a lot of my old communities for when I feel like procrastinating and reading fic but it's mostly that. This is however my last semester of my undergraduate degree so maybe I'll get into doing more online stuff after that.

It's a 50-50 chance though, looking at my track record.

Hope everyone who's still watching me (for whatever odd reason) is doing well, and hope the new year has been good to you.

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I've decided to try and get back in the swing of LJ. My account has mostly always been a personal blog but I've found myself being less personal with the influx of friends I've gathered. 

So unfortunately, I'm going to do a bit of cleaning out - mostly to weed out a lot of those who I've sort of interacted with only a handful of times and haven't spoken to for a considerable amount of time.

I apologize in advance if I take you off my friends-list. 

At this time, I would just like to be more private with my personal life and only wish to share significant details with a few others that I know best.